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SSC Tuatara Makers Hit Back At YouTube Controversy

Over a week ago we reported that the SSC Tuatara had shattered the record for world’s fastest production car, clocking in at 331mph. Not long after that several videos emeged debunking the Tuataras true speed, saying it was more like 280mph instead of 331mph. This morning Jerod Shelby, founder of SSC North America, released a personal statement addressing all these rumors and speculations. 

This 3 and a half minute video reveals more than we expected. With a shocking statement from SSC that they are going to top out the Tuatara once again, “in the very near future.” This time, however, they are going to strap every gps that’s on the market to it and get several speed calculations. Shelby said that he wants the next top speedrun to be “Undeniable and Irrefutable.” What’s more is he called out the nay-saying YouTubers and actually invited them to witness the next top speedrun. Shelby invited Schmee, and 2 other YouTubers that “really brought questions to these videos, and rightly so.” Shelby said he wants them to be there so they “can tell the world, and the car community that you also are in awe of what this car is capable of.” You can watch the video that set this all in motion below. 

SSC has taken the stance that the problem is the relationship of the video and the GPS, and not the car’s speed. He also said that they had requested the video from the production company to analyze it. How they did not already have access to the viral video, we do not know, maybe their internet stopped working or something. They claimed that since they were a small company they do not have big crisis response teams, so they are just gonna skip all that and do the top speed run again. We couldn’t be happier, especially since they are going to do this in the very near future. I imagine it would take Bugatti a year to rerun a record like this, if they would even listen to the doubters in the first place. 

All we can do now is wait on SSC to run the Tuatara down Nevada State road 160 again. Shelby’s video seems genuine and I truly want to believe it, but he still failed to answer some very important questions like, why was the car’s speedo blurred out? We are very excited to see a new run, what do you think its new top speed will be? 


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  1. Something doesn’t add up. Your fault, my fault, nobody’s fault, the new run should answer the real question of how fast the Tuatara is.

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