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20 Caravan Countryside Tow – The New Ford Ranger

Picture this!

Rolling hills, blissful sweeping forests below you, the green grass glowing in the midday sun with the scent of flowers gently trying to  ease its way through your shiny new pollen filter that you had serviced not a day ago. Sounds idyllic right? Now add this to the scene and see how you feel. There is something shiny up ahead, what could it be? As you encroach on its presence you see what it is, a 1950’s Airstream. A caravan! Yep that’s right folks, unless you are towing it they are the most hated villain of the UK country roads!

You look, and you know you have one shot, one opportunity! You hit the gas pedal and power up beside the shiny slow road block only to see…. 19 more in front of you! This brings me into the fantastic advert created by Ford Europe for their new up sell on the 2019 Ford Ranger. “Tow whatever the hell you want!” Recently mentioned in Episode 6 of the GTN Podcast.

It’s every motorists worst nightmare and it has been captured in beautiful cadence to demonstrate the incredible pulling power and control of their new pickup.

If you have been humoured by the video and are considering the new model as a potential purchase, then these limited details may help to entice that throbbing pocket of cash! The truck shown in the clip is the top of the range model, utilising the 2.0-liter Ecoblue twin-turbo diesel engine and pushing around 210bhp. The stunt driver put testimony to the ability of the truck by saying that it was one of the slowest, yet hardest stunts he has ever performed. Keeping a 20-tonne (44,092-pound), 100-meter (328-feet) convoy in place while a car passed was no easy feat!

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