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Abbie Eaton Responds To ‘The Grand Tour Is Homophobic’

Yesterday we told you that the singer Will Young announced on Twitter that he was going to try to take legal action against The Grand Tour, after he thought their jokes about Jeremy and the Jeep Wrangler were homophobic. All of you were more than shocked at this, and were happy to voice your thoughts in the comments of that article. You can find that here.

Well today, The grand Tour’s very own racing driver Abbie Eaton has replied to Will Young’s rant via her on Twitter account.

In a response to Evie Swayland, a member of the production team of The Grand Tour, who said that she found Will Young offensive after his Twitter rant, Abbie Eaton settled Young’s argument with one simple post. Jeremy and the gang can’t be homophobic, because Abbie Eaton herself is gay.

Of course, we wouldn’t usually bring this up because people’s sexual orientation is none of our business, but we found Abbie Eaton’s post so funny that we couldn’t resist but share it with you.

You can see Clarkson, Hammond and May playing quite happily with Abbie Eaton on the new Grand Tour Game. So, Will Young. Your move.

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  1. I think the worst part of this is that Abbie had to drag her personal life out into the daylight to defend her co-workers and employer from these ridiculous accusations. She’s just a person who loves to compete in races, teach performance driving, and drive cars insanely fast. Thanks to Will Young’s melodramatic ranting, she’s felt obligated to sacrifice some of her own privacy to set the record straight. And while that speaks volumes toward her character, it’s also very unfair to her.

  2. If will young wants to get noticed by the media and feel relevant again then why doesn’t the bellend just release another shite song?!?!?! Yet another “celebrity” snowflake showing the world what a moaning tosser he really is.

  3. Jeremy and the guys take the piss out of everyone and everything.
    I’m really surprised at Will Young as he seemed like a grounded kinda guy with a sense of humor?
    Life these days is full of stress and worry. We are all feeling the pinch financially and the news is full of dread and bullshit.
    Take a chill pill Will, your the only one who is offended and nobody gives a shit if you are.

  4. Will Young does not speak for the LGBT community when he is pretending to go to bat for them/us he just tries yet again to make himself some how relevant and in my eyes is creating a stigma/enhancing a stereotype by assuming the LGBT community is that easily offended & petty to agree, there has been these kind of jokes & tongue in cheek moments since top gear days where no one gave it air then… If he’d completedhis obligations at strictly come dancing he may not be desperately scratching around for short change, the world cannot be soo easily offended at everything surely. (find another crusade to lead Will)

  5. Yet another gay fan replies! And yes folks, been a fan of these guys for a very long time. Was news to me that I was supposed to be offended by the banter of these idiots…and I do mean idiots in the fondest of ways. They are moronic, juvenile, irreverent, rude, and more than a bit behind the times, in a socially-acceptable kinda way.
    They are also FAF, and can’t miss an episode, still watching the old ones over and over too. They also know the auto biz, which is a big reason why I keep at it. It mystifies me that, beside the real car stuff, anyone could possibly take these jerks seriously…that their silliness actually had a nasty intent. Face it, folks, these guys are barely adults.
    And don’t we have enough real poo to deal with these days than to berate a bunch of teenage miscreants?
    Singer-dude needs to get a life… or a brain…or something!

  6. OK I am a gay man and these guys have been cocking about which one is gay forever. Some of it makes me loose it. I mean in the good old belly laugh kinda way. I am honestly sick of these guys being annoyed by this. I am also sick of people telling me I should be offended. By what? 3 middle aged spoiled rich guys snapping off one liners about which one is the gayest? It’s called a running gaga people. Pull your panties out the crack of your butt and watch another show if these guys offend you. Though, in truth they should come with parental warning lables

  7. As a gay man, not only do I have a sense of humour, I also know satire and I also can tell when something is contrived for entertainment purposes. When I noticed they were making jokes, I paid careful attention to see if at any point they if they were portraying anything related to homosexuality in a negative light. Yes, there was several stereotypical comments, like using pink or certain songs affiliated with gay culture. But you know what, most their stereotyping was based on everything you probably see or hear in Priscilla Queen of the Desert.
    Oh and my best friend, who is also gay, often joke about Jeeps, saying how nice they are, because Barbie drives one too. BTW I drive a MINI

    1. Great, now I have to take Jeeps AND Minis off my list of cars to consider. 😉

      Kidding of course, neither interests me. But I’m glad to see the first two posts on this article are both from gay men who have a sense of humor about the whole thing. I doubt Will Young will ever see this, but one can hope. I also hope he does try to go after The Boys with legal action. They work for an American company working under American laws, so they’re protected by the First Amendment.

      1. It’s a sad time to be here,
        No one seem’s to care about a man hanging out the back of a donkey
        But if “gay” gets a mention
        Stone the bastard crow’s
        Bitches everywhere go crazy ……
        Just shows what the world has become.

        I Love the show guys keep it up
        Just a normal guy here saying thanks

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