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2020 Ford Mustang Recalled: “Brake Pedal Bracket May Fracture During Sudden Stopping”

Ford has sent out a recall notice for automatic versions of the 2020 Ford Mustang with the NHTSA for 38,005 cars built between the dates of 4 March 2019 to 13 August 2020 thanks to a weakness in the brake pedal.

While six-speed manual versions haven’t been affected by this recall, the NHTSA insist that the “brake pedal bracket may fracture during sudden stopping”. Fortunately, Ford has maintained that no one has been had an accident due to this issue.

The weakness comes from the build of the pedal where the pedal bracket transitions from nylon to polypropylene. This has resulted in “reduced robustness” of the pedal assembly and could make it very difficult to Mustang drivers to stop when they see a large crowd of people (sorry, I had to).

Dealers were told on the 24 September and letters will be sent out to owners who will hear between 16 and 20 November this year. Of course, dealers will be expected to replace the pedal bracket for no charge. If you are however feeling iffy about this possible danger, you can get in touch with Ford by calling 1-866-436-7332, and following up with the following reference number 20S52.

The 2020 Mustang hasn’t had a good run with this being the third recall of the model year. The first came on May 8 in the form of an insufficiently long ‘out of park’ chime, and the second came as a “misaligned” front camera which could cause issues with the Pre-Collision Assist, Lane Keeping System, and other features that rely on front vision.

In total, these have affected almost 50,000 cars on the road, so if you have a 2020MY Mustang, make sure you check with your trusted dealer for any issues.

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