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3,000HP Cummins Diesel Truck Destroys Dyno Before Huge Explosion

A powerful diesel truck has exploded on a dyno in the last couple of days at an event in Ogden, Utah where it was set to show off its four-figure horsepower.

This diesel Cummins truck hit a recorded 2,920 horsepower as it ran boost levels of around 100lbs with a twin-turbo setup before its front end exploded. As expected, it was one hell of an engine failure.

The chargers flew out of the engine bay quickly followed by the block, both exiting the vehicle at serious speed. Both the driver and passenger rushed to get out, thankfully only suffering burns and scratches from the blast. It doesn’t look like there was too much safety at this event with the crowds standing so close, and it’s worth noting that there aren’t any fans blowing air into the engine bay, either. This may not have been the most professional setup to perform such a stunt, and unfortunately, it finished how none of us would want it to.

The truck, known as Master Shredder II, is built by Industrial Injection who specialise in diesel modifications in Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke units.

It’s safe to say they’re not too bothered about polar bears.

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