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’72 Chrysler Imperial Gets A Modern Makeover Restomod

The ’72 Chrysler Imperial was a behemoth of classic 1970s American design. It was as long as it was heavy, and as wallowy as it was slow. But what would it look like it this classic was brought into the modern age? Thanks to The Sketch Monkey on YouTube, we now know, despite him admitting that this remodel was more of a restomod than a modernisation of the design.

Now, due to this being the size of one of the small islands off of Greece, the pen smith didn’t do a complete overhaul, instead trying to maintain the goliath size and proportions of the car. In order to do this, he keeps the wide grille at the front as well as the hood ornament. The grille is emphasised with a width-running DRL which adjoins a number of vertical DRLs on the front corners.

'72 Chrysler Imperial Gets A Modern Makeover Restomod
– the original image

A few other bits of the car have been seen to, as well, such as wider tyres and the blending of the landau roof into the standard body material, and is it just me or does it look like something from Blade Runner? On that note, it’s almost slightly reminiscent of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Fancy the look of this thing? Well, while the 300C looks incredible, the rest of the Chrysler portfolio could do with some improving, so maybe FCA could take a look at what’s been made here?

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  1. I think they need to drop a crate Hellcat engine in it and call it the “Hellephant!”

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