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Alfa Romeo Cancels The 4C and Plans For A New GTV Coupe And 8C In Favour Of SUVs

Alfa Romeo is removing its 4C sports car from the market, as well as ditching plans to bring back the GTV Coupe and 8C models.

Looking at the Alfa Romeo car configurator, it’s clear that the 4C is no longer on the website, and the car mid-engined car was also absent from the company’s third-quarter earnings report which was released last week.

The 4C was always a beautiful car and stole the hearts of many, but it was a flawed model from the get-go. It’s carbon tub was so expensive, that the rest of the car, suspension, set-up, and development was lacking, and it showed when journalists drove the car and, despite wanting to love it, couldn’t appreciate the poor dynamics. Because of this, reviews were poor and sales were low.

Alfa Romeo Cancels The 4C and Plans For A New GTV Coupe And 8C In Favour Of SUVs

Last year, the 4C sold 421 units in Europe compared to almost 10,000 Audi TTs and over 8,000 Porsche 718s according to Autocar.

To reduce expenditure, the future product portfolio has been minimised, with two new SUVs being introduced instead alongside a Giulia and Stelvio refresh. The smaller of these two new SUVs will be called the Tonale. Let’s hope they are clear on their pronunciation with that one. This model will hopefully bring in a profit from one of the most profitable segments of the market. It will be a hybrid, and priced to compete on the same level as the BMW X1 and Audi Q3.

Let us know what you want from Alfa Romeo in the future. We’re not so sure what the future brings for what should be a thriving company.

Alex Harrington

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