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At Least Three Killed And 50 Vehicles Involved In Huge Pileup In Pennsylvania

Three people have been confirmed to have been killed in a horrendous pileup on Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania only days ago.

After severe snow fall had coated the road in low-traction black ice, a mixture of cars and trucks caused the pileup as severe fog brought visibility down to an almost-zero level. Even individuals standing watching were in danger as cars skidded off the road and onto the grass verge to the side.

The damage continued and the emergency services eventually arrived on the scene, counting more than 50 vehicles involved in the incident. On top of this, fires broke out, with these reportedly starting in tractor trailers.

The deputy emergency management coordinator of the Schuylkill County Office of Emergency Management, John Blickley, told 6ABC that at least three people had been killed with another 20 injured and taken to hospital. He added that a snow squall was deemed to be the reason behind the incident.

Pennsylvania State Trooper David Beohm told the press that while he’s started an investigation into the incident, the fires had slowed down their investigation.

“All it takes is one person to crash into something and you have to pull off the road, but when you continue to drive at highway speed, this is what happens,” Beohm said.

The road was cleared by Tuesday with everyone not taken to the hospital instead taken by bus to the Wegman’s distribution center close-by.

“They are very heavy snow showers where if you are driving into them,” 6ABC, National Weather Service forecaster Mike Colbert said. “You can go from partly cloudy or sunny skies into an instant blizzard in a matter of seconds. That’s why they are so dangerous.”


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