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Can You Recharge A Tesla Model 3 By Towing It? Engineering Explained Finds Out

Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained is up to no good again in his Tesla Model 3, this time finding out if you can recharge its batteries by towing it.

The Model 3, like all other Tesla Models, has regenerative braking, and can use this to charge its battery. For example, if it’s coming to a stop or controlling its speed down a hill, the wheels will force the motors to spin, in turn slowing the car down. This forces a charge back into the battery.

So surely, if you pull the car with something, let’s say, a Ford Raptor, you can induce the same effect? Well that’s exactly what Jason does in the video I’ve embedded below. Take a look to see what sort of return he gets.

Once he records the findings, Jason can work out what’s more efficient, driving with a Ford Raptor, or using the Ford Raptor to tow a Model 3 and then drive the Model 3.

The conclusion of the video is surprising, with it actually being more efficient to tow the Tesla with the Raptor and then driving the Tesla. The more you know, huh?

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