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Crazy Multiple Car Crash At The ‘Ring!

“The Green Hell” is already an incredibly dangerous circuit, humbling even the best of drivers from around the world. The fact that any Joe Schmoe can drive on it is awesome for car enthusiasts, but let’s face it; all ego aside, most of us on any given day probably couldn’t handle it.

The corner in question in this video is “Fuchsrohre,” and it’s already a doozy without additional hazards making things worse. This section is made up of a fast downhill straight going into a blind left corner, leading into another straight. It’s incredibly high speed and any obstacles around the corner can’t be seen, making this a terrible place for any sort of accident.

However, that’s exactly what happens here:

The cause of this particular accident can be attributed to an oil spill. You can see the moment that the BMW Z4 breaks loose right before the straight goes into the left turn. The Z4 clips the back of an Audi R8 then plows into the guardrail. In fact, the gentleman who took the video, YouTube user “xthilox,” hits the slick spot as well and loses traction before gaining control of the car, most likely due to him slowing down considerably before hitting the spot.

It doesn’t really look like any of the drivers in the video are to blame for this; honestly the oil spill was there and couldn’t really be avoided. However, if one person is to blame, it’s reportedly a lava orange McLaren 650S that had the oil spill, according to Bridge to Gantry.

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