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Edd China Show Us How To Change Automatic Gearbox Fluid

The last thing we heard of Edd China, he was setting records in an all-electric icecream van with the hopes of selling the powertrain in the near future. Now, he’s teamed up with DriveTribe to give us some mechanics advice. In this 60 second video, he shows us how to change automatic gearbox fluid on his daily driver, a Range Rover.

He first of all raises the SUV onto a lift, then shows us a toy that will make this a lot easier – a LiquiMolly Geartronic. Annoyingly, that rules out about 99% of the casual viewers who were watching this to get some tips on their next DIY full service, but we’ll continue nonetheless.

The machine is connected to the car via the gearbox oil cooler, and once he’s cycled through the gears, he swaps the old oil out for the new. Easy. As long as you have the LiquiMolly thingy and a lift. Dammit.

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