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Electric Teslas Block Fuel Station In Revenge Against Petrol Cars ICE-ing

Over time we’ve heard plenty of stories of owners of large diesel trucks or high performance petrol cars blocking Tesla charging stations. The media are now calling this ICE-ing, and while the media has shone a light on these pathetic attempts at annoying EV owners, it’s still happening.

In some countries, the police can do very little to stop this, so in an attempt to make a point, a group of EV owners, the majority Teslas from what can be made out from the video, blocked a fuel station somewhere in Croatia, according to the numberplates.

This block lasted no longer than 6 minutes, and was used to “point out the fact that electric vehicles are here, and their positive impact on society,” according to Igor Kolovrat on Facebook.

Many have rallied around this movement and are backing the EV drivers who pulled this off, but adding fuel to a feud has never been the way to settle a dispute. However, this has brought attention to the issues that EV drivers face and hopefully will push laws to be changed so police forces can do something about potential ICE-ing. See below an ICEr getting his truck removed for blocking an Tesla Supercharger station.

How do you think we should tackle ICE-ing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I have nothing against EV, everything against EV drivers . They tend to be pious with there were better than you attitude. They are not all this way but some take to the marketing bs. So when the EV Holy Rollers get off there high horse and stop bashing people for driving gas cars alot of this BS will end. I personally wont do this stupidity I love my own jeep too get it involved in some pissing match with EV owners.

  2. adds fuel to the fire but if there is very little the law can do then its a case of needs must to prove a point.EV’s are here and they are not going away no matter our thoughts on them

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