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Fast and Furious LEGO Kits Kick Off With Dom Toretto’s Dodge Charger

We might have to wait a year for the new Fast and Furious film to come out thanks to COVID-19, but LEGO has got our backs by scratching the F&F itch that we’ve been feeling since we saw the trailer for the ninth instalment of the franchise. Here’s the first look into the 1,077-piece kit of Dominic Toretto’s beasty 1970 Dodge Charger.

This kit is Technic, which means beneath the accurate bodywork will be a host of working parts such as the V8 engine and its pistons. It will also feature double wishbone suspension, a wheelie bar, and of course the iconic nitrous bottle that every Fast car has to have.

The car goes up for pre-sale later today, and will be in stores from April 27th.

“The high-octane action of the Fast & Furious franchise has captured the hearts and imaginations of petrol-heads the world over,” said set designer Samuel Tacchi. “We want to inspire people of all ages to explore their creativity through building whatever their passion is, and we know fans of LEGO Technic and the blockbuster franchise love cool cars and adrenaline-fuelled fun. Brought together by that same passion, we worked really closely with the Universal team to bring Dom’s Dodge Charger to life in the most minute detail to inspire Fast & Furious fans and LEGO Technic builders around the world.”

While we’re all stuck at home, this would be the perfect moment to buy a new LEGO kit. I’ve got my credit card ready. On your marks…

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