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Ferrari V6 Hybrid Spotted In Maranello – Potential New F8 Tributo Replacement

A Ferrari prototype has been spotted by the company’s factory in Maranello, and while its camouflaged body is very similar to that of an SF90, the powertrain is of much more interest to us. Why? Well, it doesn’t sound like a V8. Instead, it’s got the trumpets of a V6. Could this be the V6 hybrid the rumours have been talking about?

With the SF90 sitting at the top of the Ferrari hierarchy, this rumoured V6 hybrid would sit below it, replacing the V8-powered F8 Tributo in their mid-engined line. V8s were never a focus for Enzo Ferrari, with him much preferring a front-engined V12 over the mid-engined, more performance-based cars. In fact, his road cars were simply money-making tools for his racing team. The Dino, named after Enzo’s son, was the first mid-engined V6-powered sports car, but despite this innovation, Enzo was not best pleased. In fact, these mid-engined supercars were named Dinos so they wouldn’t be mixed up with the Ferraris which were, at the time, powered by V12s.

Ferrari still uses V12s in its large, front-engined GT cars such as the 812 GTS, but now the Dino name could return as the Italian marque once more embraces 6-cylinders, albeit with a hybrid system attached.

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