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DriveTribe Is Building A Miniature Dodge Viper Out Of A Mazda Miata With A 2.0-Litre V10

Not too long ago, DriveTribe featured the smallest V10 engine on its YouTube channel thanks to a car company called Connaught. This marque whacked it in a car they called the Type D, but now, DriveTribe is dropping it into a Mazda MX5 Miata to create that of a miniature Dodge Viper. But let me tell you a few things about the engine first.

The V10 is only 2.0-litres big and produces around 200 horsepower in its naturally aspirated form. With a supercharger, DriveTribe presenter Mike says it can produce about 40 horses more, but after some research, I’ve found it capable of around 300 in total. While it may not be the most powerful V10 by a long shot, it is incredibly small and light with a V angle of only 22.5 degrees. And it’s so small, it can fit under a single cylinder head. Originally, it was built to be used alongside a hybrid system, but now it’s going into a Mark 2 MX5 with the potential of a supercharger in the future.

There’s a few bits of rust on Mike’s MX5 so it’s getting a pretty thorough restoration by M A D Ford Engineering who is also restoring his Ford Model ST200. Before long, the powertrain is pulled out of the car, and the tiny V10 is test fitted into the bay.

We’re very excited to see what happens with this build so will be keeping you up to date as they progress with the build.

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