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Group Of People Lift Up Mercedes SUV To Save Stuck Pedestrian

The world can be a scary place. There are very real examples of pure evil in high places all over the planet. But you see a video like this on Twitter and suddenly you remember that there are so many good people in the world. Except for the guy taking the film, obviously.

While we’re a bit annoyed that this guy decided to film what was going on instead of running in and helping, it does mean that we get to share this with you today.

Late last month, a pedestrian became stuck under Mercedes-Benz SUV in the Lower East Side of New York City after being hit by the car. The Editor in Chief of Literally Media, Colby Droscher, managed to capture a video of what went down soon after and shared it to Twitter.

A group of people managed to lift the Mercedes which was apparently crushing the person’s leg, and pulled her out from under the car. According to several replies to the tweet, the driver of the SUV tried to drive on before she hit another car at the intersection and was left complaining. They also insisted that the light was green.

The victim was later photographed awake and on her phone while she was being seen to by the emergency services.

Is your faith in humanity restored?

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