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Here’s Why The New Sherp ‘The Ark’ Is The Greatest Off-Roader You Can Buy


Sherp ATV, the brainchild of Russian engineer, Alexei Garagashyan, allows explorers to mount, crawl, and swim over virtually any obstacle that gets in their way! Debuting in 2015, It fits giant 800-litre tires, that can double as floatation devices and rotary paddles, to an astonishingly simple (re: reliable) aluminum frame-based body.

The mean machine features a 21.65″ ground clearance and drives on slopes up to 35°. Furthermore, unique pneumo-circulating suspension even allows individual wheels to give way to obstacles individually. If that isn’t enough, the Sherp ATV has a turn radius of only 8ft, meaning it can turn around inside its own 11ft length!

Utilizing top speeds of 28 MPH on land, and 3.7 MPH afloat, the diesel ATV can function in Earth’s most extreme climates. It offers three days of autonomy thanks to it’s 32.7 gallons of primary and secondary fuel tanks, the latter of which Sherp have brilliantly placed inside of the wheels themselves.

Now, all this possibility feeds your wanderlust, but you are thinking,”I can’t just leave my family, friends, and soccer team behind.”  Well, Sherp’s new model, The Ark, will allow you to take them all along with you! They have built upon all of the ATV’s specs and features, by incorporating a series of adaptable trailers.

Trailer modules range from emergency medical response units, dwelling units, and even loading platforms. If, you come across any obstacles on your mission, expect the same capabilities as the ATV, with floatation and and even trench spanning still possible. Check out the video below for some more demonstration of all the possibilities. The sherp can be ordered now for a starting price of $119k for the base ATV model, with prices seemingly only limited by the mission at hand.


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