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Heroic Man Helps Three People Out Of A Burning Car In China

A video has been released recently of the moment a heroic man helps three people out of a minivan ablaze after it flipped on a highway in China’s Chongqing Municipality region. As the inferno engulfs the car, the brave actions of this man surely saved the occupants’ lives.

Reports have stated that the minivan flipped after its rear brakes locked while travelling at high speeds. On its side it slid before coming to a complete stop. It looks as though either an oil line split, producing a lot of smoke before the whole car went up in flames with people trapped inside.

Before long, the man of the day comes into view and smashes the windscreen, allowing a man inside the minivan to continue to force the windscreen out from the inside. All three of the passengers were able to escape.

Emergency services got to the scene within 14 minutes and attempted to put out the fire with extinguishers, but it was too late for the vehicle which was destroyed. There’s no word yet on any injuries suffered by the three who were trapped inside.

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