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Idris Elba Confirmed For Part In Next Fast & Furious Movie

Fast and Furious has gone about some serious evolution over the years since its beginning in 2001. Some changes haven’t been appreciated, for example the slow removal of actual racing. Some additions though have been greeted with open palms like introducing Jason Statham as one of the new main characters.

Carrying on with this trend of bringing in world-class actors, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has just revealed that Idris Elba will be the next addition to the all-star lineup via his Instagram.

“I learned a long time ago (when I was a very sinful eyebrow raising villainous man in the crazy world of pro wrestling;) that heroes are only as great as their greatest villains.
A pleasure to introduce the man himself @idriselba we brought in to our Fast & Furious franchise to wreak havoc, hell and mayhem on our heroes HOBBS & SHAW.
The name: BRIXTON.
The record: UNDEFEATED.
So cool having my brother @idriselbacome and play in our sandbox. This one’s been years in the making!!
As I always say, we either gonna get along or we gonna get it on… and fuck getting along ????”

The next Fast and Furious film will be coming to our screens by the end of next year, so strap in for what will definitely be an action filled film. We just hope Mr Elba thinks about joining the 007 team as well.

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