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Lanzante Announces New Project – The McLaren P1 GTR-18

Anyone who claims to know their salt about McLaren will also know of Lanzante. The British firm has been known for building, restoring and modifying a selection of special McLaren models over the years – and they have just announced their latest project.. and you know what? It’s beautiful, and we aren’t surprised by that.

You may remember Lanzante making headlines a few years back when they started turning the track-only McLaren P1 GTR into a road-legal beast and their brand new project is set to top that.

Lanzante has called this new piece of kit the McLaren P1 GTR-18 and we think that this has got to be the ultimate upgrade to the P1 GTR. The first thing we should mention is, yes, this thing is street legal and secondly, you’ll notice that it comes with a long tail body style (which will be a tribute to the OG McLaren F1 GTR ‘Long Tail’), a new rear wing and a larger front splitter.

This specific example, kindly provided by yours truly within this article for your viewing pleasure, is just one of six P1 GTR models that will be converted into the GTR-18. It has a colour scheme that has been inspired by the Gulf Team Davidoff No.28R F1 GTR Long Tail and the paint has been matched to the exact same colour code of the vehicle.

What about the other 5 P1 GTR’s you ask? Well, each one will be getting its own unique paint job which will pay tribute to a Lanzante developed F1 race car. Also, each of the six Lanzante amalgamations will include a custom headset (naturally in the same paint scheme that your very expensive car comes with), tinted carbon fibre keys and a set of unique dust bags.

Pricing details have yet to be announced and nor has any information on what kind of engine the P1 GTR-18 will have under the bonnet but what we do know is it will have at least 986 horses underneath ready and raring to go. Pricing details are also yet to be announced, but we will keep you updated as and when information begins to surface.

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