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Mazda Is Manufacturing Original Parts For The MX-5 Miata

Mazda has announced that it would be manufacturing replacement parts for the original MX-5, and it will be using modern materials and technology to produce these replacement parts so they hold up a bit better than the originals. This is welcomed news to MX-5 owners with leaky roofs they bought off of Amazon. With the original MX-5 becoming a modern classic, spare parts are getting harder and harder to find. Mazda has solved this problem by putting years old parts back into production. However they are not just remaking old parts and releasing them, Mazda is actually modifying some parts to function better and last longer. 

Mazda did what Subaru, Nissan, and Mitsubishi owners could only dream of happening. They actually took to the internet forums and asked the enthusiasts what they wanted. With a long list from the yobos, they headed to the factories and fired up decades-old machines to produce new parts for the first-generation MX-5.

One of the most needed replacement parts that the MX-5 owners pleaded for, was a new roof. Mazda developed an all-new fabric roof that will last longer than the original and unlike the knock-offs on Ebay, actually fit. Other replacement parts include interior trim, small bolts, and other mechanical parts. 

This shocking move from Mazda comes from Mazda UK’s Steve Ross. Ross said  “With the early cars becoming modern classics, it’s great to see so many still being driven and enjoyed… Whether it’s a full restoration or general maintenance, having a ready supply of genuine parts means these cars can continue to be enjoyed for years to come.”

Unfortunately, these spare parts are only available to order in the European market for now. Soon we hope to see this happening with lots of car manufacturers. 

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