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Kia Is Relaunching Its Brand With New Logo For 2021

Kia has seen incredible success over the last few years as its cars start to really push into the mainstream section of the industry. The Stinger even occupied a small niche in the fast saloon market, although it never solidly took a hold of what market share it deserved. But now, Kia CEO Ho Sung Song is ready to evolve the brand, something he calls “Plan S”.

Plan S, with the S standing for Shift, will see the brand change to a “more dynamic, stylish, and inventive” company, with a strong focus on all-electric cars. With Kia now strongly looking to the future, its aim is to have 11 EVs under its name thanks to a simply huge investment of $25 billion.

“We have to prepare ourselves with advanced countermeasures for all these,” Song said in an interview according to Automotive News. “We will try to set up our new customer target together with our brand relaunch.”

These new EVs will ride on the success of an averagely priced Electric-Global Modular Platform, or E-GMP, which will be shared with Hyundai. Using this system, they hope to reduce the cost of EVs, and thanks to this, want to cover 20% of sales by 2025.

As you can see from the image, this change of brand includes a change in logo. It’s a simple logo but reflecting the now future-looking view of the company. Kia revealed this logo on a concept car last year, but this is the first time the brand has actually officially confirmed the change after it was leaked in February.

This new logo will brand cars from early 2021, replacing the old, rather unoriginal red logo that the company has previously used. This is very exciting times for not just the company, but the whole industry, as yet another competitor enters the ring with the objective of making EV cars available to the masses. Watch this space.

Alex Harrington

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