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Meet The Crazy Carlex Mercedes X-Class 6×6 – An Off-Road Monster

There seem to be quite a few 6×6 conversions popping up on our web pages lately. Hennessey has just released their latest 6×6 monster called the Goliath, and the well known G-Wagon 6×6 has plagued London and Dubai’s city streets for years now. Obviously, the rich lap them up, so it’s only natural that like manufacturers took to the SUV game, they’re now taking to the 6×6 game, too.

German tuning company Carlex Design are hoping to add their latest product to the market with this new Mercedes X-Class based model under the name of the Exy 6×6 Concept. That’s right, at the moment it’s only a concept, but Carlex has plenty of experience with the German X-Class producing both off-road and luxury versions of the car under the Exy name, so let’s hope it’s put into production some time soon.

Of course the obvious change is the addition of another axle, but Carlex didn’t finish there. They’ve strung on some aggressive arches, a snarling front fascia, and the bonnet gains an exposed nostril. Atop the machine sits a light bar, as well.

Tyres large enough to cast shade over the Emirates are mounted onto the wheels, and a number of body changes make the truck look extremely angry, especially from the rear where the exhaust exits are designed into the rear bumper and an X adorns the tailgate.

Details regarding the truck’s performance aren’t yet being shared, but we can expect a minimum of 258hp and 406lb-ft from the factory standard X-Tpye’s V6. The bonnet scoop may hint at more power, too, but this is yet to be confirmed.

It’s going to be a lot of work for a relatively small tuning company, but let’s hope they can start pushing them onto the road as soon as possible. I’m getting tired of the current models.

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Alex Harrington

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