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Mustang Driver ‘Defaces’ Rainbow Crosswalk Now Vancouver PD Want Answers

Last month, it was Pride Month. The West Vancouver PD weren’t quite satisfied with their display of solidarity (they had only flown a rainbow flag for a month, after all) so they decided to install a rainbow crosswalk outside of their precinct.

If only there weren’t haters and criminals in the community, it may have lasted.

After unveiling the rainbow crosswalk on July 1st, it was proudly displayed on the intersection 16th St. and Esquimalt Ave., at least until it was defaced.

On July 7th, police inside of the precinct heard, “loud and sustained tire squealing.” When they rushed outside, they found their beautiful display of solidarity tarnished with “a gesture of hate on a crosswalk that stands for the exact opposite.”

They checked the security cameras, and sure enough, they caught a fourth generation Mustang peeling out of a turn. They acted quickly and with determination, posting the video of the incident to Twitter, asking for community help.

Watch the video posted by @SoniaSAslam, you’ll see what they mean. This Mustang was clearly acting with total contempt.

What an ignorant and terroristic act, driving over the precious painting which was carefully laid on the road. If they can’t find this Mustang driver to fine him, they may be forced to appropriate more tax-dollars to re-do the crosswalk.

If you know anything regarding this, PLEASE call 604-925-7300, the number the WVPD gave out for information. Investigators would “like to speak” with the driver.


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