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Paul Walker’s BMW E30 M3 Up For Auction On Ebay

The late Paul Walker was known for not only his incredible acting prowess but also for his formidable car collection – many of which were offered at auction back in January.

Of Walker’s collection of 21 cars and bikes which were sold by Barrett Jackson of Scottsdale – seven of the vehicles were BMW M3s including five extremely rare E36 M3 Lightweights and two E30s.

Clearly Paul Walker was a big fan of the M3s, and if you are too, it appears that another one of his BMW’s has been put up for sale on Ebay in the form of his BMW E30 M3. The seller, Reserve Auto Group claims that the below ’91 M3 belonged to the late actor and is listed at $149,980 (£122,646.15) and has yet to receive a bid as of yet. If the vehicle was legitimately owned by Paul Walker, then near enough $150k wouldn’t be too bad considering that two of Walker’s E30s went for $220,000 (£181,567.14) and $165,000 (£134,941.95) respectively.

The 3-Series is in pretty good knick as well with having only 13,248 miles on the clock (not bad considering the car is nearly thirty years old). According to the seller, all the body panels and paint are original too, the headlights have been upgraded and the original 15 inch wheels have been swapped for 16 inch wheels from an M3 Evo.

With the eBay listing not going into much more detail, we’d be hesitant to put our hard earned cash on the car without further proof that it did indeed belong to Paul Walker – however, if it did, we think it looks pretty fantastic and would love the opportunity to own it.

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