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Jeremy Clarkson Goes Mad At China Over Littering and Plastics – “Pick your f**king litter up!”

It hasn’t been long since The Grand Tour took a trip with three saloons through China. But while on holiday between filming, Clarkson has taken to Twitter in anger regarding the amount of plastic litter he’s picked up from his holiday destination.

“In half an hour this is how much plastic we’ve picked up… Look at this. I’m sorry but…Chinese, Chinese, Chinese. People of China. Pick your f**king litter up!”

After picking out of the sea endless bottles and other pieces of plastic from China, he pleads with the people of China to make a change. He said himself that he watched a couple of hundred Chinese tourists throw all the plastic packaging from their food into a river, and this is completely unacceptable.

Plenty of people had their own comments to add, but Jeremy wasn’t in the mood for excuses, as you can see from the tweet below.

It’s true, China is only a small fraction of the countries that are producing plastic which is making its way into the sea and other biomes. We should all be doing our part in lowering plastic consumption, and as recycling is not enough, it’s time to cut down on the plastic we buy. Only then, will manufacturers get the idea and start producing packaging that is bio-degradeable.

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  1. Ah, but here’s the rub. We WERE using biodegradable, recyclable, packaging prior to plastic. Kraft paper bags and glass bottles were the norm.

    But the environmentalists of the day said we were using too many trees, too much energy, and producing too much chemical waste by making paper bags. And glass was so breakable, required a LOT of heat to melt, and so on. So we went to the now-ubiquitous plastic bags and bottles that only require a few drops of oil and a bit of energy.

    And now the environmentalists are up in arms about THOSE. So until someone can find some sort of fairy dust packaging that dissipates with the touch of a magic wand, we’re stuck with what we have.

    But Jezza’s right, most of the problem is coming from southeast Asian countries and people’s laziness there. Singapore recently cleaned up their beaches because the waste was appalling. And now the biggest plastic polluters are China and it’s other neighbors.

  2. China is still drowning girl babies in rivers by the hundreds every day, so this comes as no surprise. Besides, China will destroy the planet with just 2 things…coal and plastics.

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