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Razer Wolverine V2 Chrome: A Customisable RGB Wired Controller

It’s been a year since Razer released its Wolverine V2 controller, but now it’s added another $50 to the $100 price tag and added ‘Chroma’ to the name, and boom, its latest controller is here.

Its main feature is RGB lighting that runs down the two grips of the controller. These can be programmed to your liking through the accessory companion app on both Xbox and PC. It will be replacing the Wolverine Ultimate from 2017, which currently sits at $129.99, but shares a few similarities with outgoing model.

It will have swappable thumb sticks like those found on the Xbox Elite controller, and trigger stops to shorten the throw of the triggers. On top of this, it also has six programmable macro buttons, including four paddles on the back that are each customisable depending on how you use it. Unfortunately, this now has to be done through software that comes with the unit, unlike the previous model which had the option of doing it through the controller.


Its D-pad also can’t be swapped out like the previous model, but it looks much better than the Ultimate, and also uses USB-C over a Micro USB port.

So, it’s a small upgrade over the V2, but the Ultimate still gives you plenty of features for you to cross this off your shopping list, for now at least. But, who doesn’t love RGB lighting?

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