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The Grand Tour Scotland: Clarkson And Co Modify Their American Cars For Drag Racing

With The Grand Tour currently filming in Scotland for the episode following the Madagascar Special, We’ve been keen to keep an eye out for any fan-shot videos that elude to what Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are up to. In a recent video, it looks as though the trio have ditched their modified caravans and instead taken to modifying their three American cars.

As you can see from the video above, The Grand Tour hosts have carried out some quite serious modifications. James May has added side-exit exhausts to his red Cadilac with a photo of someone over the rear wheel, Jeremy Clarkson has swapped out his stock wheels for much larger examples with tyre lettering saying that we can’t quite make out, but we believe they’re Radial drag tyres, and James May’s green Buick looks like it’s been supercharged with a large air intake protruding from the bonnet. On top of that, he’s added a huge Daytona-like wing made famous by the Dodge Daytona stock car. In this colour, however, it looks more like something out of Thunderbirds.

Rumours suggest that they will be taking these three cars drag racing, so the performance upgrades that we see here in this video are worthy attempts at squeezing more performance out of these three cars.

While the trio continues filming for the next episodes of The Grand Tour, fans are still left waiting for the next episode which is reportedly edited and ready to be released. After many setbacks caused by the global pandemic, we’re now waiting for Amazon to press the big red button and publish the episode to its streaming service, but we have no idea when this may be. Recently however, Alexa has stated that the next episode will be released on December 11th. You can read more about that here.

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