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Texas Drivers Are Finding Dozens Of Screws In Their Tires

On Friday, Republic Tire & Supply, a tire company out of Euless, Texas, started finding an unbelievable number of screws embedded in the tires of at least four cars brought into their shop. It seems as if a contractor let a whole bunch of materials spill out of their truck, but it’s not out of the question that somebody could have done this on purpose.

They seemed to narrow down the point where the screws littered the roadway, to the area of Trinity blvd., and issued a warning to their Facebook followers to stay clear. However, you can imagine that if this one tire shop saw four cases of screw-riddled tires, many other drivers met a similar fate and didn’t come into their shop.

Where one or two screws can be removed, and the holes plugged, dozens of screws is a different story.  Fortunately, they didn’t seem to have their side-walls damaged, but that doesn’t necessarily mean any could be salvaged.

One of the cars was a blue Tesla Model X, which had at least the front-left tire ruined. Others had all of their tires trashed, which could easily cost $1,000 to replace.

In the comments on Republic’s post, users are going off on the idea of suing whoever is responsible. Of course, it’s very unlikely anyone will be found guilty of littering the screws, deliberately or otherwise.

These sort of realistic accidents really make one wince. It’s one thing to see a crashed supercar, and realize the gigantic mess up that could lead to such an expensive crash. On the other hand, this can happen to anybody, regardless of if they were goofing off or driving carefully.

My condolences to those who had their days ruined, we’ve all been there. Hopefully they find out who was responsible and send them a big bill!

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