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The 2020 Opel Mokka Is Actually A Great Looking Car

When I was a wee baby writing my first pieces on cars, my first car review was a Vauxhall Mokka, or Opel, as you may call it. Back then it was an underwhelming car and really only fit for filling gaps in rental companies’ car parks. They do the trick, as in drive forwards, backwards, and can turn at the same time if you’re lucky, but as someone who begs for an experience on the road, this wasn’t it.

In fact, when I parked it outside my girlfriend’s parents’ house, her father called it a pumpkin, and an ugly one at that – not helped by the bright orange paint it had been painted with. See below:

It’s safe to say, I’m not really a fan of the car, despite it being adequate. But now PSA has got its hands on Opel and suddenly it’s filled with the flare you can find in the recent Citroens and Peugeots. It looks, simply, stunning.

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2020 Opel Mokka

It’s less curved, more aggressive with angular daytime running lights and bold lines that run front the bonnet across the spine of the car, and bright colours are sprinkled tastefully over its design. The Mokka looks good. I repeat, the Mokka looks GOOD. And on top of that, the new Electric model produces 136 hp and 260 Nm of torque.

I hope they’re still available to rent, because I want to update my original review.

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