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The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson As Angry As Fans Over Madagascar Special

A recent tweet from a Grand Tour fan has reignited one of the big questions we all have for Amazon. Which is when will we get to see the Madagascar special? Believe it or not it’s nearly a year since Seamen was released, and that’s quite a long gap in between episodes. Of course COVID-19 has stalled things a bit, but that’s hardly an excuse anymore especially since the special is fully edited and ready for release. 

The eager Grand Tour fan said: “I’m getting kind of bored of waiting for The Grand Tour, sure Jeremy Clarkson mentioned in April it wasn’t far away.” 

“Me too” He replied simply. 

The tweet generated a lot of response from eager fans and more importantly questions for Amazon. However this is not the first time Clarkson has responded to angry fans wondering when it will be released. It seems Clarkson is just as concerned as us. The grand Tour is way past their regular schedule for releasing episodes. The main reason for this being the impact from COVID-19. The virus has hit The Grand Tour especially hard since they travel all over the world. With things slowly opening back up hopefully the trio will have the chance to get back to work. 

Fans were quick to point out that even filming for the next special has already been wrapped up, so what are they waiting for? The trio posted on social media that they were done filming in Scotland and were headed home. They were spotted traveling from Edinburgh to the Hebrides driving very large classic American cars. Keeping up with normal Grand Tour antics they were towing 3 modified caravans across the country. 

With Grand Tour fans anticipation reaching a boiling point we are all wondering what Amazon is waiting on. With the episode fully edited and ready for upload even Clarkson is wondering what is taking so long.  

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