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This $400,000 Manual Stretch Ferrari 360 Looks Like Something From A Top Gear Episode

Before you start to question us calling it photoshop, I can assure you, it is real. This stretch Ferrari 360 Modena is really the kind of all limousines. Not because it looks good, because it really doesn’t, but because it has a manual gearbox. And manual gearboxes always make a good car, right? Right?!

After being imported from the UK to Australia a few years ago, it was crudely cut in half. However, from here, an aluminium body section was crafted to match the original aluminium chassis. The roof, side panels, and rear gullwing doors were made out of fibreglass to keep weight low, and now it’s capable of seating 8 people comfortably. It now also has a TV, an upgraded soundsystem, a bar, and neon lights like it’s trying to get on a magazine cover in Need For Speed Underground 2.

Its 400hp 3.6-litre NA V8 still sits proudly, however it’s not connected to the manual ‘box of a Subaru Liberty GT. I suppose that’s all they could find over the pond.

If this has swayed you and you’re now quite fancying a British, Italian, Aussie hybrid limo, then you’re in luck! It’s for sale right now on Car Sales for only AUS$399,999 (US$284,997). How could you say no?

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