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The Grand Tour Could Be Limited To Britain For Top Gear-Like Next Episode

It’s no secret that The Grand Tour has pushed back the launch of the next episode thanks to COVID, but there are repercussions going further that put the next episodes in jeopardy. Thankfully, this is Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May we’re talking about, so it’s very likely they’ll make something good from what’s been thrown at them.

The Madagascar special has been pushed back to later this year, but the trio was serious about filming the next episode in Northern Russia. This, of course, also had to be postponed. But due to more travel restrictions and yet another rise of COVID cases, the team may have to change their plans altogether.

In a recent interview, James was keen to explore this:

“There are all sorts of lovely places without having to go too far. Everything is postponed, it’s not canceled.”

“It’s exciting to go to exotic places but I’ve been to an awful lot of them.

“Whenever we make The Grand Tour, and it was the same on Top Gear, it’s about the subject first and the story, then we make it fit somewhere.”

He continues: “We may have to accept that if you’re in Britain or America, us being in Cambodia or Africa is exotic, but for our viewers in those places us being in Ireland would be exotic.

“So maybe we have to start thinking a bit more like that.

“You’d struggle to go to a part of the world that’s better looking than Scotland and it’s on our doorstep, along with Cornwall and Dorset and Wales and the Ring of Kerry in Ireland.”

Back in the days of Clarkson’s Top Gear, the team was no stranger to keeping within the borders of their own country. And this is something that many fans have picked up on. Maybe, to rekindle our love for The Grand Tour and its disappointing previous episode, they should return to their roots and stay within the UK. This would push the focus to be less on the exotic areas, and more on the real content.

I’m very excited to see what happens with the next episode of The Grand Tour, and even more excited if it feels slightly more Top Gear than usual.

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