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This Bargain Ferrari F40 Modified By Gas Monkey Garage Is Up For Auction Soon

Fancy yourself  a piece of modified motoring history with a hefty price tag? It so happens that the Ferrari F40 bought, restored and modified by Gas Monkey Garage is being auctioned off after the previous owner Richard Scott was arrested and charged with bribery, losing many of his possessions to the state. The Apple towing company will be holding the auctions from the 5th February to the 7th, so nudging your way quickly to the front of the queue would be advisable if you want this black pony! My guess is that she won’t be around for very long…

A little run down on the car and its previous history for those not in the know is as follows: 2011 saw the car take a heavy shunt annihilating the chassis. Sitting around for some time it was then picked up as a write-off back in 2013 for a tangible sum of $400,000 by Richard Rowlings. The car featured on Fast ‘n’ Loud show in 2013 and was then sold off in 2014 for another accessible sum of cash. $675k to be exact!

2015 comes around and the private owner that isn’t named sold it at a loss with $643,000 being the final offer from Richard Scott.

Between being sold multiple times it was restored by Gas Monkey Garage with their own distinct mark and flavour added. Ferrari fanatics would call it heresy, bending the chassis back to road worthy capability and replacing all the damaged panel work. Gas Monkey didn’t hold back on spraying this princess black instead of the Ferrari specific red ‘Rosso Corsa’ that 1,311 F40s left the Maranello factory with. Did I also mention those fine decals stuck to the doors?

To finish it off, Gas Monkey Garage ramped up the anti-christ with a Kevlar clutch pack to reduce weight even further, Penske Racing adjustable shocks and the 2.9 litre twin-turbo V8 growl box has been fed an aluminium flywheel, Tubi exhaust system and a pair of bigger knockers *ahem* turbo chargers, giving this one-off Italian princess an increase of 79bhp, boosting her from 471 to 550bhp.


What’s not to like? We suspect that this non-pedigree, ex-write-off could fetch a price that is subpar of her remaining purist buddies.

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