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This Fire Pit Engine Table Has A Throttle Pedal For Epic Garden Parties

Top Gear started our love for car furniture when Jeremy Clarkson repurposed the seats and V12 engine of a Jaguar for the news set. Now, we’ve found someone who has repurposed a V8 engine for something very similar, but while Top Gear’s version was covered completely in glass, this has a hole in the surface to allow it to split flames.

It’s fuelled by a propane tank, and when you turn the key (yes, it has a key), the engine fires up thanks to that and an electric spark igniter. A throttle pedal sits below the table to modulate how much propane is pushed into the cylinders. Depress the pedal the whole way, and you’ll have flames spitting two or so feet into the air.

This gear head dream is built by John Cobb, a full-time automotive artist who runs a company called Alaris Invent, which has built all sorts of car-based furniture over the past few years. But recently, he took his self-employment full-time, and for that we should be very grateful because we think things just like his. The table featured here was actually custom-built for a customer from Calgary who had found Cobb’s work and wanted a unique present for her husband who, like us, is mad about cars. The idea came from her, and it finally came to fruition after three months of hard work from Cobb.

Unsurprisingly, the customer loved the results.

Cobb is happy to build most things for potential customers with all of his work being custom from lamps made out of engine parts, to engine wine racks and even a smartphone dock made from a piston.

He’s incredibly talented, and we’re very happy we can feature his work on our site.

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