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This Mad Max-Style C7 Corvette Will Blow You Away

This Chevrolet C7 Corvette started life like any other C7 Corvette, a potent car with more than enough performance for most mortal men. But the owner of this creation wanted something that would sit in a different league to most C7s. As far as we know, the performance of the car hasn’t been improved with any drastic upgrades, but as you can see from the photos it doesn’t exactly look stock.

The Instagram user madmaxc7 documented the build once the vehicle was bought with a salvage title. They ripped out a few of its exterior panels, welded on one hell of an external roll cage, and slapped on a set of wide wheels and tyres that extend far wider than the original. A large wing that may or may not produce any downforce sits at the rear and is braced with the roll cage which wraps around the full circumference of the car.

Eventually, a custom hood was used to cover the LS engine sat within which was painted with a red skull. It makes the car look extremely aggressive from the front with harsh angles and riveted metalwork. According to one of their latest Instagram posts, they’re looking to supercharge the V8 to extract the power it looks like it should have. 

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It looks extremely mean and would do nicely with some long-travel suspension bits to completely become a Mad Max-ready car, but we’d take it how it is with its higher than usual ride height and off-road tyres. Who could say no to a lifted C7? We couldn’t.  

Alex Harrington

Alex started racing at a young age so certainly knows his way around a car and a track. He can just about put a sentence together too, which helps. He has a great interest in the latest models, but would throw all of his money at a rusty old French classic and a 300ZX. Contact: [email protected]

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