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Want A Ferrari FXX K Evo For £80? It’s Possible, But There’s a Catch

I’m taking a wild assumption here but I would hazard a guess that most of you reading this would love to own a supercar one day. There is a very real reason why only the one percent can own such a vehicle and it’s primarily due to them costing about the same as a whole house.

Well, what if I told you that you could have a Ferrari for £80? I mean it’s a complete steal right? What’s the catch? Well sadly, the catch is it’s made out of cardboard and you’d probably have to travel to Vietnam to pick it up as NHET TV’s YouTube channel have taken to building their favourite supercars out of cardboard and the best thing is, they actually work.

The cardboard Ferrari FXX K Evo replica you see in the video above looks amazing, and if you had a real one you’d be sitting with a 6.2 litre V12 with 860 break horse power and a huge 553 pound-feet of torque – this version however, probably doesn’t match that kind of performance.

You can see the whole process of how the cardboard Ferrari FXX K Evo came into being in the following video:

The Ferrari isn’t the only vehicle that NHET TV have created and they’ve also built their very own Lamborghini Aventador and even a Bugatti Chiron, which are all also featured on their YouTube channel. If motorcycles are your cup of tea too, they have plenty of them too.

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