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Toyota And Subaru Possibly Working On New Two-Door WRX STI

Recently, Toyota has increased its share of Subaru from 16 to 20%, fuelling a new rumour that Toyota will be teaming up with Subaru to built the latest model of WRX STI. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe the idea that the Japanese companies will be looking at the first-gen, two-door style will.

This is completely a rumour right now, but thanks to the Japanese Best Car website, was able to put their thumbs down on some ideas. According to the publication, Toyota are working on a shared WRX chassis, which could have some involvement with the Yaris WRC. They’ve also heard whispers of something called “Super AWD”.

We’ve no idea what this is, but Subaru has always between at the forefront of AWD technologies, so we can guess it involves some serious torque vectoring.

Toyota And Subaru Possibly Working On New Two-Door WRX STIv

Apparently, we’re looking at a new turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, shifting power through a six-speed manual transmission. This could also hint at a refreshed GT86 further down the line using the same two-door chassis.

Best Car expects a debut of around 2021-2022.

“Aside from this, a scoop team survey has shown that there is a high possibility that a one-size compact Super AWD machine equivalent to the previous Impreza STI will be produced jointly with Toyota.”

Tis is all extremely open ended and unconfirmed, but if it’s not, maybe stirring the pot could bring us something similar to what we’re discussing here. Who wouldn’t be able to say no to a two-door WRX? I know I wouldn’t.


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