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Watch A Porsche Taycan Turbo S Accelerate At A Dizzying Pace

The Taycan is the first of several steps into the EV world for Porsche. It made headlines for its performance, later on for its ‘Turbo’ naming, and most recently, for its lack of range. But no matter where it sits in the market, it’s a Porsche, and from that we know that when it does have charge, it will be one of the most balanced and exciting vehicles on the road.

A recent video from WeLoveCars demonstrates just how rapid this thing is, while also showing off the futuristic noises it plays from speakers as 750bhp propels it along a private road from stationary. If the driver had continued accelerating, the Porsche would hit 60mph in 2.6 seconds. And thanks to excellent cooling and engineering, the 0-60 spring it repeatable and reliable until the battery runs down, unlike the likes of Tesla models.

It is blisteringly quick thanks to the all-electric torque from its motors. Would this persuade you to at least try an electric car? It’s persuaded us, and we love the smell of petrol…

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