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Video: Mini Bursts Into Flames And Starts Driving Itself

We’ve always been weary about engine issues with the new BMW Minis, but this isn’t exactly the kind of issue we were thinking about. And hey, who knew Mini were working on autonomous driving?

Uploaded by Viral Hog onto YouTube, this video captures a red Mini bursting into flames while parked on the roadside. The person with the camera watches on as something incredible, and immensely dangerous happens next. The flames grow larger, and the Mini begins to move forward, hitting the car parked in front of it.

With the engine turning, the car pushes the car in front out of the way and steers into the road with smoke and fire still bellowing from the engine bay and exhaust. Fortunately, this moment of autonomy doesn’t last long and soon the emergency services turn up to… watch? They don’t seem like they’re doing a lot, but they at least keep people away from the burning car.

As far as things go, this is the weirdest thing I’ve seen on a Monday morning. What a way to start the week!

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