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Watch This Insane Alfa Romeo 4C Tear Up A Hill Climb

The Alfa Romeo 4C is a very impressive car. It’s light, agile, has a perky little mid-mounted 4-cylinder and makes a great noise up its rev range. But there are always upgrades that can be made, and this is a prime example of such upgrades.

This 4C is produced by Picchio SPA and driven by Alessandro Gabrielli. And while it still looks vaguely 4C-like, don’t let its bodywork fool you. Beneath the surface it’s a completely different monster. Let’s start with its powerplant.

It’s a 2.0L Turbocharged Engine by AER (Advanced Engine Research) that produces 550bhp on its current tune. Match that with a weight of 890kg and the rigidity of a space frame, you can already tell before even watching the video that this car is a bit of a weapon to say the least. Add in the unlimited aerodynamic trickery and you’ve got one of the fastest Touring Cars in the world, one which has one almost every race it was entered into.

According to AER, the engine should be able to produce 700bhp, which it will be doing in the future, and after even more aerodynamic upgrades and weight saving, it will be taking hill climb courses by storm. Of course, the engine isn’t sounding so impeccable at the moment. It in fact failed during the FIA Hill Climb Masters in Gubbio, meaning it ranked lower than expected.

We’ll see how it performs after it’s upgrades!

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