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What Does The Inside Of A 1,500HP 2JZ Look Like After 150 Drag Races?

I’m part of a few JDM-based Facebook Groups, and since the new 2020 Supra was revealed, almost every post is concerned with the validity of its BMW engine. The 2JZ, the legendary engine that powered the previous Supra, is remarked as exactly that: a legend that cannot be beaten. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly true, with the stock version of the previous Supra being average at best. However, when you tune it, things get interesting.

The 2JZ can make BIG power, and it can do it very reliably. But if you add as much as 1,500 horsepower to this straight-six power house, what does it look like after it’s taken a beating? That Racing Channel on YouTube gives us a look in a video where they follow the teardown of a highly modified 2JZ. Meagher, the builder of this engine, is extremely knowledgeable, and talks us through it.

This engine has run at 50 PSI of boost for two years now, and has an astounding 150 quarter mile drag races to its name. Despite this, the engine has held up surprisingly well. However, marks of wear were found on parts such as the cams, cam buckets due to low oil flow, and near cylinder three, he found a minor leak on the head gasket. Along with this there’s wear on the rear rod bearing thanks to lack of lubricity.

Despite this, the block, rods, crankshaft, and pistons how very few signs of wear, showing us just how reliable and well built the engine is from the factory, even when over four times the power surges through it. The stock Supra may not have been anything to write home about, but here’s the reason why these engines are put on a pedestal, and rightly so.

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