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Which New Car Options Are Worth the Cost?

Buying a new car can be an exciting process, but it can also feel a little overwhelming. If you aren’t sure which make and model to go for or you’re confused about which optional extras are worth their weight in gold, it can be tricky to know when you’re getting a good deal. To make things a little easier, take a look at these new car options that are virtually always worth the cost:

  1. In-Car Tech Connectivity

In a digital world, we’re used to having technology at our fingertips and there’s no doubt you’ll want to be able to use the latest tech when you’re behind the wheel too. With Bluetooth connectivity, for example, you can talk to people hands-free while you’re driving or link your smartphone’s music app to your in-car speakers and enjoy your favourite tunes. 

  1. Extended Warranties

A warranty will give you peace of mind that you can access help if anything goes wrong with your new motor, so be sure to check this is included in the price. When you secure a warranty from a well-known company, such as an RAC warranty, you can be confident that you won’t have any problems accessing support or repairs, if they’re required. Of course, some warranties are more valuable than others, so always check the small print so that you know exactly what you’re getting. 

  1. Air Conditioning

If you want to be comfortable while you’re travelling, air conditioning is essential. Not only will it keep the in-car temperature comfortable, but it can also improve the air quality inside your vehicle too. However, this isn’t the only consideration that comes into play when you’re buying a new car. Vehicles with in-build air conditioning typically have a higher resale value too, so choosing a model with air-con can be a savvy way to increase the future return on your investment. 

  1. Sat Nav System

The days of reading maps or relying on a passer-by for directions are well and truly over, providing you’ve got a top-notch sat-nav system on board. Although you can use a separate GPC system, this often involves affixing screens to the windscreen or dealing with compatibility issues. In contrast, a built-in sat-nav system enhances the appearance of the interior of your vehicle and plays an important functional role too. 

  1. Reversing Camera

If your new car comes with the option of a reversing camera, it could be well worth taking it. After all, minor bumps and prangs can lead to significant cosmetic damage. When you’ve got a camera to assist with your parking, however, you can reduce the risk of scratches or dents damaging the paintwork. 

Choosing the Right Vehicle

Finding the perfect car can take some time, so try not to rush the process. Instead, think about how you’re going to use your vehicle and create a list of must-have features. This will enable you to identify the makes and models that suit your needs and give you a great starting point when it comes to finding the right vehicle. 

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