Jimny VS G-Wagen – Spot The Difference With The Liberty Walk Kit

I’ve harked on about the Suzuki Jimny since I mentioned it was my (unofficial) car of the year for 2018 in the official GTNation Podcast, and I’m pretty sure you’re all agreeing with me from the comments on my writings. It’s pretty obvious that others are taking a bit of notice because Liberty Walk has released a body kit for the baby off-roader.

As you can see, it’s not like the majority of other Liberty Walk kits. It’s not low to the ground, it doesn’t have stupid levels of wing at the rear, and you wouldn’t get scalped if you got too close to aero on the front bumper. Instead, it’s almost identical to the kit offered by LW for the full-size Mercedes G-Class. No wonder they call the kit the Liberty Walk G mini “Works Light body kit”.


So it’s the same. Almost entirely in fact. It’s got the same bumper and grille, the same large LED light bar on the roof and a new black hood (and roof) with a cute little air-scoop which feeds the dinky 1.5-litre fresh air. Where the Mercedes star would sit, sits the Liberty Walk logo, but the big changes come round the side.

Fender flares, engorged by the Japanese company, are fitted to the side making what was originally a puny little 4×4, a gym-going off-roader. And oh dear God does it look all the better for it, plus with off-road tyres from Bridgestone, it doesn’t only look the part – it is the part. The rear looks almost exactly the same thanks to the spare wheel and its cover, too. Oh I want one.

I don’t care if it only has 100-odd horsepower and makes a Ford Fiesta look large, I want one.Other manufacturers take note: bigger doesn’t always mean better. Especially when Liberty Walk is around.

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