Someone Has Actually V8-Swapped A Tesla Model S

People have said that an engine swap on a Tesla – as in, the removal of the electric motors and batteries and the fitting of an internal combustion engine – can’t be done. But now a YouTuber has proven the world wrong after he’s managed to fit one of these all-electric saloons with one of the best engines on the internet.

As far as we can tell, this is the first time it’s ever been done. There have been a few fake or photoshopped attempts out there, but no one has actually successfully fitted an engine to a Tesla. Now, Rich Rebuilds has done it thanks to some real ingenuity and a couple of donor cars,  and this one actually runs.

The two donor cars were most definitely out of action. One was seriously damaged from flood water, and the other was vandalised. So these were Frankensteined together to make way for the running gear. One Model S donated parts of its flooring, while the other had its strut tower bar yanked out to make way for an LS3 V8.

The engine was eventually fitted, with a plastic make-do fuel tank coupled to a Mazda Miata fuel pump to give it life. Running on a rick base tune, the car’s yet to transfer power to its wheels via a custom prop shaft and axles. That’s coming next…

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