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This Helicopter Pilot Show Us What It Takes To Film Rally Driving

A while ago I started a company that would produce films out of sporting and motoring events. What started as a dream job quickly turned into something serious, with a lot of pressure to capture the perfect clip. During a rallying event, it must be even harder to get that winning shot, especially from the far reach of a helicopter.

But these pilots really know what they’re doing. With every adrenaline-fuelled run and each brave driver, there’s a helicopter pilot ready to fly just as violently as these cars drive. Take a look at the tweet that went viral just to see what I’m talking about.

The pilot glides within metres of the ground to establish the perfect angle to shoot the rally car, but they make it look easy as the helicopter swings from one direction to another with ease. While it’s obviously incredibly dangerous for the pilot, I’m sure they never wake up wishing they were working a standard 9 to 5 job.

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Move over drones, only a pilot be this level of cool. Take a look at the video below, too, to see just what I mean.

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