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F1 News: Charles Leclerc Was Aware Of Lewis Hamilton Talks Ahead Of Contract Extension

Charles Leclerc reveals insights on Lewis Hamilton’s anticipated move to Ferrari from 2025, shedding light on discussions preceding his own contract extension.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leclerc was privy to the discussions about Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, unlike many in the F1 community.
  • He acknowledges the value Hamilton will bring to Ferrari while also appreciating his time with Carlos Sainz.
  • Leclerc and Hamilton have already begun discussing their future collaboration.

The Formula 1 community was taken aback earlier this month when news surfaced of Lewis Hamilton’s impending switch to Ferrari in 2025. This revelation arrived shortly after Charles Leclerc reaffirmed his dedication to Ferrari with a fresh multi-year deal. During the introduction of the SF-24, Leclerc shared his perspectives on Hamilton’s prospective arrival at the team.

Leclerc articulated to the media, as cited by GP Blog:

“Well, obviously these kind of deals are not finalised overnight, so it of course takes time and I was aware of those discussions before signing my deal, so it didn’t come out as a surprise for me after signing.”

Reflecting on his partnership with Carlos Sainz, Leclerc expressed respect and sentiment, saying:

“Then for the rest, I don’t want to comment it that much, mostly of out of respect for Carlos, we’ve had great years together and we have one more year together to do, and we will do everything to finish on the highest note possible.”

Leclerc also acknowledged Hamilton’s exceptional skill and experience, adding:

“Obviously Lewis is an incredible driver, the most successful in history, and with a lot of experiences as well, which he will bring to the team and obviously myself which is a good thing. But again, with Carlos it’s been great and we have got one more year together to try to do the best job possible.”

The discussions between Leclerc and Hamilton about their upcoming partnership have already commenced. Leclerc shared:

“I mean yes, I have had discussions with Lewis, especially when everything was announced and it was official, we texted each other of course. As I’ve said, Lewis is a great champion with a lot of experience and so much success, so it is always interesting to have a new teammate, as we learn different ways of working and driving and even more so when my new teammate is a seven-time world champion.”

The anticipation surrounding Hamilton’s arrival at Ferrari is palpable, with both fans and insiders eagerly awaiting the dynamics between two stellar drivers within the iconic red team’s fold. As the countdown to 2025 begins, the motorsport world brims with excitement over what promises to be a thrilling new chapter in Formula 1 history.

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