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Lewis Hamilton Analyzes Red Bull’s Strengths in Austin Sprint, Shares Insights for Mercedes’ Progress

In the recent F1 Sprint race in Austin, Lewis Hamilton gained valuable insights into Red Bull’s performance while competing closely with Max Verstappen. His observations are set to aid Mercedes in their ongoing quest to enhance their car’s competitiveness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Close Observation of Red Bull: Lewis Hamilton capitalized on his proximity to Max Verstappen during the Austin Sprint race to closely study the Red Bull RB19. Despite losing ground later, his analysis revealed key strengths and weaknesses in the Red Bull car compared to Mercedes.
  • Mercedes’ Development Focus: The new floor upgrade for Mercedes’ W14 car shows promise, but Hamilton emphasizes the significant work ahead for the team. His insights from the race will be instrumental in guiding future development strategies.
  • Confident Yet Realistic Outlook: Despite acknowledging the steep challenge ahead, Hamilton remains confident in his team’s ability to close the gap with Red Bull. He underlines the need for continued development and innovation to match the pace of their rivals.

Lewis Hamilton’s recent experience in the Austin Sprint race provided him with a unique opportunity to scrutinize Red Bull’s RB19 F1 car up close. Chasing Max Verstappen initially, Hamilton observed the Red Bull car’s performance on various track sections before Verstappen widened the gap. This observation comes at a crucial time for Mercedes, as they introduced a new floor upgrade to their W14 car. Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, praised the upgrade but acknowledged the long journey ahead for Mercedes to become a title contender.

Hamilton’s battle with Charles Leclerc and his subsequent pursuit of Verstappen allowed him to not only focus on his driving but also gather valuable data on his competitor. In a post-race media interaction, Hamilton detailed his experience and strategy. He said, “I didn’t get that great a start, but obviously quite aggressive Turn 1 and had a good battle with Charles, but then after that the car was feeling pretty good, so I was just attacking from the get-go trying to get as close as I could whilst the car felt like that.” He continued, reflecting on his inability to close the gap with Verstappen and his observations of the Red Bull car.

When asked about the specifics of the ‘download’ of information, Hamilton remained discreet but highlighted the extensive work Mercedes needs to undertake to rival Verstappen and Red Bull in the future. A light-hearted moment occurred when Verstappen joked about Hamilton needing a USB stick for data transfer, to which Hamilton humorously replied about needing a GoPro stick for closer observation.

Hamilton concluded with a realistic yet hopeful outlook on Mercedes’ path forward. He expressed unwavering faith in his team’s ability to bridge the gap with Red Bull, despite acknowledging the steep challenge posed by Red Bull’s advanced development team. Hamilton’s insights from the Austin race are likely to be a valuable asset for Mercedes as they continue to refine and develop their car, aiming for a stronger performance in the upcoming seasons.

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