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Sergio Perez Advised to Seek New Team for Enhanced Performance, Says Gerhard Berger

Former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger has expressed his opinion that Red Bull’s Sergio Perez should consider joining a new team. He believes this move could help Perez demonstrate his true driving skills, as he is currently overshadowed by his exceptionally talented teammate, Max Verstappen.

Key Takeaways:

  • Berger’s Perspective: Gerhard Berger, a former F1 driver, suggests that Sergio Perez, despite being a competent driver, is overshadowed at Red Bull by Max Verstappen’s exceptional talent. He advises Perez to join a new team to showcase his true potential.
  • Season Highlights for Perez: Perez had a strong start this season, winning the Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia Grands Prix. However, his form has recently declined, leaving him 138 points behind Verstappen in the championship standings.
  • Red Bull’s Success and Verstappen’s Dominance: Berger attributes Red Bull’s success to the combination of Max Verstappen and the RB19 F1 car. He notes that Verstappen’s lead is so substantial that competitors can only hope to close the gap on rare occasions.

The Formula 1 world has always been rife with intense competition and constant evolution, both in terms of technology and driver performance. In this dynamic environment, former F1 driver Gerhard Berger has given some career advice to Red Bull’s Sergio Perez: seek a new team to truly show his capabilities as a driver. According to Berger, while Perez is undoubtedly talented, he is currently in the shadow of his extraordinary teammate, Max Verstappen.

Perez’s performance at the beginning of the season was commendable, with victories in both Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia. These wins seemed to be a continuation of his upward trajectory from the end of the 2022 season. However, a recent dip in form has seen him lagging behind, particularly in comparison to Verstappen.

Berger, speaking to Speedweek’s German branch, emphasized that Perez is not lacking in skill or mental fortitude. Instead, the crux of the issue lies in the exceptional talent of his teammate. “Perez has no mental or other problems. He is just a good driver, but his teammate is just an exceptional talent,” Berger stated. He further advised, “If Sergio is smart, he will look for another team to break this deadlock and can show his performance again. He will never be able to beat Max [Verstappen] consistently.”

Drawing on his experience racing with teams like Ferrari and McLaren, and alongside legends like Ayrton Senna, Berger brings a wealth of knowledge to his commentary. He points out that a more competitive rival for Verstappen could have led to a tighter gap in the standings. However, he acknowledges the significant role that Verstappen and his RB19 car play in the success of Red Bull.

He concludes by stating, “If there was a real rival for Max, the gap might be a bit smaller. The is difference is still being made by Max and his car.” Berger’s insights offer a unique perspective on the dynamics within F1 teams and the challenges faced by drivers like Perez who are competing alongside exceptionally talented individuals like Max Verstappen.

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