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Was The Mongolia Special The Grand Tour’s Most Ambitious Episode Yet?

The recent episode of The Grand Tour was just released which showcased the three lads, Gin, Beer and Red Wine on another adventure. This time in Mongolia… well not officially in the capital city however, but in the vast vicinity of nowhere.

However, from May’s videos of assembling guitars and LEGO houses, Hammond’s time in the country (aka his front lawn), and Clarkson’s well-known manual labour skills, they managed to put their mechanical skills and sanity together to build the most reliable vehicle in the world… John, filled with a TDi engine of some sort and a Land Rover chassis along with improvised… doors.

Crossing the river

This proves another Grand Tour top-tip… if you have a friend, car or anything named John they will be deemed reliable.  John “broke” down once, although that was just a fuse light it was replaced within minutes. It really was quite astonishing seeing that so-called car jump its way up those steep hills, through deep lakes and insanely pelvis-dislocating bumpy patches.   

Piece of car.

Honestly, this special might have been their most ambitious adventure yet. The boys only had a few “rations” to last them up to seven days and a giant mechano kit to travel from the middle of nowhere to destination Moron.  They started off their journey by assembling the ‘car’ which took a couple days and a few MREs… however it was Clarkson who was the Food and Beverage Manager of the project.

Are you f***ing kidding me?

Throughout the journey they drove through rocky mountain terrain, rivers, thunderstorms and soberism but this was countered by Mongolia’s amazing views and wild-life. Fortunately without letting Hammond drive even a quarter-mile the trio completed the journey to Moron in one piece with John.

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  1. Love the Mongolian adventure! Can someone from show post a map of their actual route to Moron.

  2. I would love to get my hands on a “flat pack car” like JOHN…… Would love to see if there is a kit version on AMAZON…..

  3. Brilliant episode ????
    When can I buy a ‘John’ build it yourself kit ? Really good show, keep it up Lads ????

  4. Easily up there in the Top 5. Absolutely amazed at how reliable John was through all that torture…

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